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  • User Experience, Product Design, and Program Management    I have delivered projects from big, utilizing hundreds of people on a product team, to small, with just a handful of people.  I’ve done hardware ergonomic design, software UX design for desktop and mobile, to development of music and video.
  • Personal Brand Development and Management    I’ve been managing artists, authors and musicians in particular, but my strategy can work for any artist.  Although I’ve done traditional management deals, I find that hourly consulting is a more effective relationship.  If you like what I do, you’ll come back.  Check my resume of artists that I’ve helped develop.
  • Digital Marketing and Product Management    I know what it means to live in the Internet age, in real time, on all platforms, always-on.  I have been a digital publisher for many years, an actual content provider that people depend on.  I have proven results for gaining real followers, publishing blogs, podcasting, live streaming video, and developing strategies that gain and retain audiences.
  • User Research   I have a dozen years of doing deep user research into what people really need, not just surface surveys of what people think they want.  I can help decide what research is needed, execute the plan, gather data, analyze it, and deliver precise design recommendations – even wholistic designs.  I have no fear to present to executives, even if the news is tough.
  • Team Leadership   Do you have a team that is de-motivated, lacking in direction and mission, or having morale issues?  As an entrepreneur, talent manager, and program manager, I’ve experienced a broad range of human behavior and can navigate situations to bring clarity, understanding, and wholeness to team dynamics.  To prove it, you can talk to my clients and staff.