Urban Youth Workers Institute is a non-profit that identifies and trains urban youth leaders, helping youth deal with issues such as drug recovery, incarcerated parents, racial issues, and becoming leaders in their communities.

One goal was to to have a publishing platform where articles could be read, videos could easily be distributed, and live events could be advertised and livestreamed. So, I wanted the main focus of the app to be on the content itself, maximizing reading space and user interaction with the material. This led me to adopt a small sidebar navigation scheme. Although hamburger menus are “out of style” in the UX community, they do work well and users have loved the simplicity of this app.

Also, we wanted urban youth leaders to be able to connect with each other. So, I made sure that we included a feature that allows users in this community to find and connect with each other through messaging.

Our design also includes a full screen “What’s Hot” section so the non-profit can promote events, conferences, and training sessions, gaining the user’s attention right after they arrive in the app.

We also have included streaming radio and tv, for which I helped the organization setup the infrastructure to broadcast to the app. Search for “UYWI 2.0” in the app stores to see the app firsthand.


Urban Youth Workers Institute


Mobile App: Android & iOS

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